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Back from Hiatus

Well, it’s been a LONG time since I made an entry here on my blog.  Well, what’s new… hmmm… let’s see… Well, 6.60 ME and LME was released of which I am EXTREMELY fond.  I would recommend to ANYONE on a PSP 1000, or older 2000, to update NOW to the full ME version (hackable motherboards only, obviously) and it is really a 50/50 shot with LME and PRO, its really about what you the consumer prefer. Hmmm… what else is going on… Oh yea, is BACK ONLINE finally.  After over a month of first a DNS problem (our nameservers were shut down without our knowledge) and then an incorrect “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded..” message being displayed for the better part of two weeks, we are finally back online.  We are working DILLIGENTLY to refill the media sections with working links, and hopefully some new content.  I personally am currently working on the PSX section, and hope to get 100 games up within the next two weeks.

We would like some help over at Sneaky-Media, so anyone who is interested in helping out with the site at all, there are rewards included.  If you would like to help, become an uploader, converter, or moderator (or have an idea of something else you can help with) please feel free to send an email to and let me know.  You can also find me on Twitter, @SwoRNLeaDejZ.

Well, that is all for now, my plan for this blog will be to release all of the newest PSP releases, hopefully before anyone else gets them posted, so CHECK DAILY for new PSP releases.  I had PRO B9, ME 1.1, and the 6.60 Downgrader on my sites, and my Twitter, 6-12 hours BEFORE psp-hacks and Wololo.  Always check here FIRST!  LOL.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rants, I appreciate it.

SwoRNLeaDejZ… Signing out.

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God Bless America: Osama Bin Laden Killed in Pakistan

Well, it’s official, in a late night address to the nation last night, President Obama confirmed what many had already heard: Osama Bid Laden’s reign of terror had ended.  According to information that has since been released, the terrorist was hold up in a million dollar compound in an area of Pakistan about 50 miles north of the capital.  U.S. Navy SEALS carried out a covert operation yesterday in which a firefight erupted between the SEALS and Bin Laden and three of hist cohorts.  No U.S. casualties or injuries were reported.  Apparently Bin Laden was offered a chance to surrender, to which he refused, and was then shot in the head.  Once killed, Bin Laden’s body was taken into U.S. custody.  Once in U.S. hands, they used facial recognition and imaging practices to confirm it was Bin Laden, and also they took DNA samples to be tested at a later time.  Once they confirmed that it was indeed Bin Laden, his body was handled in the customary Muslim way, post-mortem, and he was apparently buried at sea.  The compound where Bin Laden was found, was apparently built 5 1/2 years ago, most likely with the soul purpose of hiding Osama.   More information is coming out regarding the dwelling where he was found.  It is 8 times bigger than any building in the area, surrounded by an 18 ft. high, barbed wire covered, concrete wall, a 7 ft. tall privacy wall on the top floor, and was apparently HEAVILY fortified.

These facts raise MANY questions.  First and foremost, Pakistani officials have said time and time again, that they would not harbor Bid Laden or anyone close to him, inside of Pakistan.  If this were actually the case, then why, in an area of Pakistan that is primarily inhabited by military personnel, was a compound like this allowed to be constructed?  Especially considering it is considered by most to be a suburban area, with many personal homes, and small homes, where it was clearly out of place.  There is ALOT you can do in Pakistan with one million dollars, that should clearly state the size and scope of the compound itself.  Many have the feeling that Pakistani officials helped to hide Bin Laden, possibly even built the compound for him, because they knew that if Bin Laden was found, especially inside of Pakistan, it would GREATLY impact relations between Pakistan and the US.  It is my feeling, that if there is ANY evidence found that Pakistan was a willing participant in hiding and/or supporting Bin Laden’s campaign of terror, then the US should take appropriate action against the country of Pakistan.

I think the scope and size of the efforts of the US intelligence community to not only locate Bin Laden, but to eventually take him out, says something for patriotism and what it means to be an American.  It took 9 years and 7 months after September 11th 2001, considered by most to be the official beginning of the hunt for Bin Laden, to track him down and bring him to justice.  It took the unwaivering efforts of hundreds of loyal, patriotic, brave Americans to keep this quest alive, and to avenge the deaths of thousands of Americans, not only on 9/11, but also in other attacks orchestrated by Bin Laden.  The entire US nation should breathe a sigh of relief, but know that this is only the beginning.  More than likely, Bin Laden will become a martyr.  His death will only inflame tensions between the US and Islamic extremists.  I think that it is more than likely that an attack, likely an attack on American soil, is no doubt imminent.  All Americans should be on their toes, and careful, especially those visiting or living in Islamic states.  Al-Qaeda will no doubt also use his death as a way to strengthen their efforts, recruit new members, and carry out attacks, with the “More than ever” attitude following Bin Laden’s death.

Finally, however, there is some closure for those affected by the terror imposed on the worldwide community by this mass murderer.  Finally the families, children, and loved ones of those killed in the attacks on the World Trade Centers, can sleep easy at night knowing that no one else will go through what they went through (at least as the result of a plan orchestrated by Bin Laden).  Finally the people killed in the attack on the Pentagon can rest in peace.  Finally the families of the dozens killed in the Embassy bombings in Africa can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this maniac has been brought to justice.  Finally the families who lost their loved ones in the bombing of the USS Cole can cry tears of joy, that their brethren did not die in vain.

This is the most impactful victory for the United States armed forces in recent memory.  Although the attack was carried out by US Navy SEALS, considered by most the most skilled, highly trained, group of the US military, it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of all deployed US military personnel around the world.  This marks a victory for every Marine, every Army soldier, every Navy sailor, every Air Force pilot, and every Special Ops soldier from the SEALS to the Green Berets, throughout the world.  For every fallen soldier, YOU DID NOT DIE IN VAIN.  Without your great sacrifice, this would not have been possible.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, God Bless your souls, and….


SwoRNLeaDejZ… Signing Out

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6.38 Kernel Exploit – 6.38 TN-E

Well, it is official.  Total_Noob has located, and exploited, a vulnerability in the 6.38 Kernel.  That didn’t take long at all :)


This is the horrible part.  He isn’t releasing it at all (at least not soon).  Apparently TN is upset at all of the people who bitched and moaned about 6.20 TN not including a built in ISO loader.  He has stood up against piracy for some time now, and continues to do so.  He refuses to help children steal games, and kill the scene.  I say Kudos to you TN, for this stance.  One thing I don’t get though, is this, eventually someone will figure out what you did, they will port PRO over to 6.38, and they will be the hero.  They will get the recognition.  They will be the EPIC PSP Figurehead.  And you will be the guy who hates ISO loaders… I don’t understand that.

Another thing I don’t understand, the Genesis Competition is right around the corner.  There is alot of money on the table.  There are VERY FEW entries that really feel like “winners”.  PRO B5 and TN-E are the likely front runners.  Some of the prizes will be awarded based on user votes and opinions, and PRO will beat out TN with ease in those cases.  Why not release this at the last second, as a Genesis entry.  Why not walk away with all that money, and then put the PSP down for good?  Why not walk away with all that money, and retire a legend?  I am one of the few people out there that use my PSP with CFW more for homebrew, and to play my old PS1 games.  I would love to be able to use a HEN on 6.38, and would proudly use 6.38 TN.  I guess that will never happen though.  I think the funniest part of it all is this, TN is complaining that everyone is “selfish” for begging and trolling over the lack of an ISO Loader in TN-E.  I ask this, what is more selfish?  Complaining about the lack of an ISO loader in TN? Or taunting people who updated their PSPs that you created an LCFW that they can NEVER get their hands on?  seems to me like the latter is a bit more selfish.. then again, what do I know right?

SwoRNLeaDejZ… Signing Out.

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PSN Shutdown… Good Grief…

Well, I am not a huge, obsessive fan of Playstation 3, nor do I play the one in my house all that often, but I do play a few games that require PSN access on the PSP, so this current PSN shutdown is a JOKE.  The fact that someone was even able to breach a company, and a service, with 75 MILLION registered users, is pathetic.  With most likely the largest number of users, with in turn, the largest collection of sensitive information, you would think they would take the most advanced steps to ensure their users that their information would be safe, and remain THEIR information, and not become some hacker’s trophy.

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last week or so, the PSN was shutdown by an “Intrusion” which is just Sony’s nice way of saying “Awww FUCK, we got hacked.”   At first Sony stated that the shutdown was just for “maintenance” but has since come forward to not only admit the “Intrusion” but they have also begun sending their users MASS EMAILS to let them know that their Log-In Name, Password, Address, Birthdate, Credit Card numbers, Debit card numbers, and Secret Question answers, may have been compromised.  Not good Sony, NOT GOOD. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t think that this is at all acceptable.  I guess it would be silly for those responsible to try and use any of the information stolen from the PSN, because Sony has displayed in the past an unwaivering tendency to try and locate, and prosecute, those who cross them, but still, pretty scary.

Alot of people have been pointing the finger at Anonymous, a grass roots, protest group who have the stigma of being “Hackers”.  Anon makes a sexy scapegoat, as they have had recent issues with Sony, mainly surrounding their lawsuit against George “GeoHot” Hotz, who discovered the Sony Master Key for jailbreaking PS3 units, and signing PSP homebrew, but I for one, have a hard time believing they are responsible.  For one, Anon has never really maliciously “hacked” a sevice they have been angry with.  Also, they specifically said they would try not to affect the users of the PSN for the actions of Sony, and stealing millions of CC numbers doesn’t exactly exhibit an attempt not to affect the user.  One other reason?  They publicly spoke out to let everyone know it wasn’t them.  As a matter of fact, this attack doesn’t really fit Anon’s M.O.  Usually, when Anon is upset with an Online entity, they perform what is know in cyber space as a DDoS attack.  DDoS stands for a (D)isturbed (D)enial (o)f (S)ervice.  Basically what a DDoS is, is an attack on an online site, mainly by creating hundreds of thousands of bogus incoming connections to a site or server.  By continuously connecting, disconnecting, and re-connecting to a server, they, in essence, cripple the site or server by using all of its bandwidth, and choking the network.  To me, hacking a site and stealing millions of pages of sensitive information, is a HUGE LEAP from a couple DDoS attacks.  It seems to me like Anon, although it is an easy scapegoat, is not at fault here.

In closing, whoever it was, sure did a hell of a job getting their point across.  This is day 10 I think of the PSN shutdown, as they continue, at Sony, to “Rebuild the network” to ensure that people’s information is safe.  Does anyone else think that Bill Gates should get called in for questioning?  Just sayin… I’m sure X-Box is laughing their asses off right now..

SwoRNLeaDejZ… Signing out.

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PRO vs. TN

Well, there has been much debate regarding this topic in the PSP scene, so why not weigh in huh?  PRO vs. TN, TN vs. PRO, which is better? Which is worse? Well, fuck it, here is my opinion :D

Let’s start this off by listing what I consider to be the PROs (no pun intended) and CONs of each LCFW.

6.20 PRO B5:


Recovery Menu
Permanent Patch
Very Compatible with Plugins (over 100)
PSX Support, Built in PSN Access
Inferno ISO driver
Built in ISO loader


Somewhat Unstable
Born Buggy
Permanent Patch is risky
VSH Menu does not show up from time to time, and needs Reset VSH for many features
Homebrew support is slightly lacking

6.20 TN-E


TN Settings is BADASS :D 
High Homebrew coverage
Permanent Patch
Total_Noob took his time to make it RIGHT
PSX/PSN Support
Very Nice VSH Menu


No ISO loader
No Recovery Menu (TN Settings is just about as good)
Permanent Patch is risky (TN Himself bricked a Go)

All that being said, it seems like neither camp is winning the race right? WRONG.  Most people, when asked, would side with PRO in this great debate.  Why you ask?  Because the PSP scene has moved on from where it once was.  It has moved on from a bunch of fun lovers enjoying Homebrew apps, and plugins, in a carefree manner, just seeing exactly how much they could force their handheld to do to a bunch of little kids, trolling YouTube, Blogs, and Forums, searching for the easiest way possible to PIRATE GAMES and STEAL.  The only thing everyone seems to care about is playing games for free.  For that reason alone, for the ISO drivers, for Inferno, PRO gets the edge.  And exactly why hasn’t TN added ISO loader?  Because he has a conscience.  He refuses to give a bunch of preteen kids the tools they need to steal a bunch of games.  Do you really think after finding the vulnerability in 6.20, and developing what eventually became one of the nicest looking, functional, in depth HENs ever, he couldn’t figure out how to get an ISO to load through the XMB?  Yeah right.  He purposely REFUSES to add an ISO loader.  He REFUSES to contribute to people’s wrong doing.  For this reason, I APPLAUD TN.

That being said, I also must say, it doesn’t make much sense to me that he doesn’t add the ISO loader.  One search on YouTube and you can find out EXACTLY how to install and use Prometheus ISO Loader on 6.20 TN, so why not just add the ISO loader to the LCFW and get it over with, right?  WRONG.  TN stands strong, unwaivered by all the hating.  I say “Good for you TN”.  Congratulations, there is a decent human being left out there after all.

After all is said and done, I would rate the two of the big guns in the HEN/LCFW world like so:

6.20 PRO B5 – 8.8/10

6.20 TN-E – 8.3/10

That’s right, I’m a douche, I gave it to PRO, but I couldn’t in my right mind give it to TN just based solely on moral correctness.  The fact of the matter is, m33 set the stage for what CFW should be.  If one CFW is closer to m33 than another, then in my opinion, it is slightly better (emphasis on SLIGHTLY).  I still think the TN Settings feature is a killer.  That’s what keeps this debate close, in my eyes.  It is such an innovative, and  impressive way to phase out the Recovery Menu, and honestly, I think every CFW/Dev should adopt this practice.  Kudos to TN for the innovation, and Bubbletune for the idea in the first place.

Note that this is just my opinion, and it may not match yours, but that’s what is fantastic about the internet right? lol

SwoRNLeaDejZ… Signing out.

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Getting Going.

Well, this is my first blog post.  I will try to make between one and three entries per week, about anything that grabs my attention.  This blog will be primarily PSP and the corresponding categories based, but if something is particularly irritating to me, well, i’ll talk about it :D

First and foremost, some of the places you can find me: – YouTube Channel – SneakyCodes – My Forum

Feel free to drop by either one, and drop me a line, i’m always willing to chat.  Well, that’s about it for now.

SwoRNLeaDejZ… Signing out.

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